Architectural model? A very valuable tool for us through the years and we have tried to challenge the concept of spatial, material and representation studies through model building. We have learned that what mind can see hand can build and vice versa.

The idea began with this question; what if we can create the sensation (or similar) of looking at the “actual” building by looking at the scaled architectural model. What if the model can play a different role other than a miniature construct or doll house version of the actual building.

The final model was built and positioned for the viewer to discover and re-discover, questioning views, spaces and ideas. This continues and at a precise viewing spot the viewer can unconsciously experience the feeling of standing in front of the building looking at it from the a specific spot.

10172016_3d-print-model_eidted-4 10172016_3d-print-model_eidted-6 10172016_3d-print-model_eidted-7 10172016_3d-print-model_eidted-1 10172016_3d-print-model_eidted-3